MitoVitan (Skulachev Ions Anti-Ageing Serum SkQ1) 30ml/bottle


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MitoVitan (Skulachev Ions, Anti-Ageing Serum SkQ1) is a regenerating serum which interrupts the aging process at the cellular level and helps keep the skin young. Daily use of MitoVitan serum prevents the formation of deep and mimic wrinkles and reduces the visibility of existing wrinkles. The active ingredient of MitoVitan is a directional action antioxidant (Skulachev ions). After applying MitoVitan serum, the skin will start to look more vibriant and young.

Smoothes Wrinkles.
Restores Natural Water Balance and Skin Elasticity.
Slows Down the Ageing Process.
Improves Overall Skin Condition.

Original from the Russian Russian Mitotech JSC.

MitoVitan serum is based on SkQ1 Skulachev ions synthesized at the Lomonosov Moscow State University with the participation of RUSNANO and JSC Mitoteh scientific research group under the leadership of RAS academician Vladimir Skulachev. Reactive oxygen species (ROS) include oxygen ions, free radicals and peroxides of both organic and nonorganic origin. These are small molecules that possess a very high ability to interact with other substances (to oxidize them) due to the presence of an unpaired electron in the outer shell. ROS are known to present a serious danger for living cells and organisms (even though under certain conditions they can also fulfill some important cell functions, e.g. participate in cell regulation). In 2004, a new substance called SkQ1 was synthesized by Vladimir Skulachev et al in the Moscow State University. The name SkQ1 was given to the substance as the first representative of a particularly potent class of molecules named SkQ – the term introduced by the team to describe molecules containing ion Sk an a quinone. A part of SkQ1 coined Skulachev ion or Sk functions as a molecular locomotive or towing truck carrying the other part of the molecule – an extremely active antioxidant plastoquinone – into mitochondria. Both theoretical calculations and experimental results showed that SkQ1 is delivered into mitochondria in an extremely targeted and efficient manner.

MitoVitan comes in form flacon. 30 ml per flacon.
Active ingredient: SkQ1 direct action antioxidant.

Apply MitoVitan serum on a clean face or around the eyes, gently massage until completely absorbed.
If after applying the serum you feel tension (dry) skin, use your face cream.
Apply MitoVitan serum 1-2 times a day (preferably in the morning and evening). Not later than 15-20 minutes before going outside or going to bed.

Possible but rare: dry skin.

Store in dry place at room temperature. Do not exceed storage temperature higher than 25 degrees Celcius. Keep away from direct sunlight. Keep locked and away from children.




30 ml/bottle


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