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TIAPRIDE (Tiapridal) is a neuroleptic that has hypnotic, sedative, analgesic effects. It provides sedative, antiemetic and hypothermic action by blocking adrenergic, dopamine and dopamine D 2-receptors in the brain. Tiapride is used to treat psychomotor agitation and aggressive states, especially in chronic alcoholism, dyskinesia, alcohol withdrawal syndrome. Due to antagonistic effect on striatal dopamine receptors it is effective in treating motor deficits, such as tardive dyskinesia and chorea.

Reduce Acute and Chronic Chorea.
Treat Nervous Tic Disorders.
Remove Senile Dementia.
Cure Behavior Disorder (Alcoholism).
Eradicate Agitation.
Relieve Withdrawal Symptoms (Alcoholism, Drug Addiction).
Treat Chronic Pain Including Arthralgia, Pain in Cancer Patients, Pain of Neurotic Origin.

Tiapride is an atypical neuroleptic agent. It belongs to the group of selective dopamine D2- and D3-receptor antagonists. It works by blocking D2 and D3 dopamine receptor activity in limbic brain areas and the locus coeruleus. It shows low affinity to neurotransmitters such as serotonin, norepinephrine, histamine. Tiapride possesses strong analgesic, sedative and hypothermic effect. It is used to treat a variety of neurological and psychiatric disorders, extrapyramidal symptoms or other dyskinesias, hyperkinesias, patients with Huntington’s Chorea. Further read: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tiapride

Active substance: tiapride 100mg
Excipients: lactose; starch; low molecular weight PVP (povidone), magnesium stearate

A tablet formulation is prescribed only for adults and children over 6 years.
If the patient’s condition allows, treatment should begin with a low dose and then gradually increased.
Agitation and aggressive states, especially in chronic alcoholism: the starting dose for adults at a dose of 200-300mg/day for 1-2 months. Elderly patients – 50mg 2 times/day; the dose can be gradually increased by 50-100mg increments every 2-3 days to a maximum dose of 300mg/day.
Chorea, a syndrome of Gilles de la Tourette: starting dose for adults is 25mg/day, then slowly increased until the minimum effective dose of 300-800mg/day.

Store in dry place at room temperature. Do not exceed storage temperature higher than 25 degrees Celcius. Keep away from direct sunlight. Keep locked and away from children.


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