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CEREBRAMIN is a nootropic drug that provides cerebroprotective, metabolic, anticonvulsant activity. It contains nutrients, vitamins, mineral substances and amino acids. Cerebramin promotes positive effect on the brain cells and normalizes its functions, improves memory and attention, prevents from possible violations of cerebral circulation and their consequences. It is used to restore brain functions after traumatic brain injury, stroke, surgical interventions on the brain, in cerebral palsy, decreased ability to learn, delayed psychomotor and speech development in children, and intellectual and mnestic disorders. It aids in conditions of intense mental activity. In elderly Cerebramin prevents from age-related alternations and maintains the functions of the brain.

Restore Brain Functions After Craniocerebral Trauma, Stroke
Improve Ability to Learn, Psychomotor and Speech Development In Cerebral Palsy in Children
Increases Calmness
Improve Psychomotor (REradicate Intellectual-Mnestic Disorders)
Normalizes Blood Circulation

100% Original from the Russian JSC Longvi-Pharm.

Cerebramin is a cytamin – brain bioregulator. It is derived from a bovine cortex and contains a complex of proteins and nucleoproteins. It has a selective action on the brain cells enabling restoration of RNA of the brain cells; regulates brain’s electrical activity; normalizes cell metabolism. As a result Cerebramin restores nerve cells in the brain and their functions.
Further read: http://www.tiopoietine.info/Cerebramin_eng.htm

One pack contains 40 pills of 155 mg each.
155-465 mg 2-3 times a day 10-15 minutes before meal, with water, without chewing.
Duration of course 10-14 days. Break between treatment course 3-6 months.
Cerebramin is car driving safe. Can be consumed with alcohol.
Do not consume during pregnancy or lactation.

Store in dry place at room temperature. Do not exceed storage temperature higher than 25 degrees Celcius. Keep away from direct sunlight.




155 mg per tablet


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